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Explore the benefits of our comprehensive two-day ADAS training course, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to fully leverage your investment.


Our hands-on approach allows you to experience the power of ADAS firsthand, gaining practical insights into the latest technologies and techniques. Whether you're looking to try before you buy or simply enhance your existing skills, our course is the perfect way to take your knowledge to the next level.


Explore the Advantages of the CarCal Recalibration Quick Cal 3.0 Stand and Targets

Unlock the full potential of your Autel®, Launch Tech USA, or XTOOLTECH calibration systems with the CarCal Recalibration Quick Cal 3.0 stand and targets. Here are the key benefits:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with your choice of tablet and calibration systems.
  • Comprehensive Training: Gain in-depth knowledge and manufacturer training certification.
  • Professional Certification: Receive a Kaizen Glass Solutions certificate of completion.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Designed for quick setup and precise calibration results.

Enhance your auto glass services and stay ahead in the industry with the CarCal Recalibration Quick Cal 3.0. 


The training session takes place at the Kaizen Glass Solutions Training Center located in Hutto, Texas.


View Autel® and XTOOLTech products available at KGS.


Click to connect to a LaunchTech USA representative.


ADAS Training: CarCal system

    • ADAS cameras and sensors and their calibration process. 

    • Understanding how ADAS systems work

    • Best practices for performing precise ADAS calibrations

    • Ways to increase efficiency and profitability while performing ADAS calibrations

    • The importance of pre and post-scan reports for protecting your business

    • The calibration process, workflow, setup

    • Troubleshooting

    • Reasons why calibrations may fail

    • Learning and performing static, dynamic, and radar calibrations

    • Hands-on experience with ADAS calibration on multiple vehicles

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