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The essential kit includes specialty auto glass tools that every technician needs to efficiently remove and prepare for auto glass replacement at a cost-effective price. 


RMI324Spring Latch Mirror Installer
VC912Vacuum Cups
WK7BTB Handle
WK6-MBTB Blade
WK6-SBTB Blade
WRS917Razor Blade Scraper
CKBT34UltraThin Paint Protection Blade 3/4"
CKBT21UltraThin Paint Protection Blade 1"
CKBT114UltraThin Paint Protection Blade 1 1/4"
CKBT112UltraThin Paint Protection Blade 1 1/2"
WP312Wiper Puller
UCR05Upholstery Clip Remover
CR22Small Clip Remover
TRS06Trim Removal Set
QGM24Quarter Glass Tool
HB312Slick Blade 3 x 14
RB310Rounded Blade 3 x 10 
URCK55UltraReach Cold Knife
SRMT14Spring Release Mirror Removal Tool
WSD114Windshield Stand
3- ISC159Installation Stick - Chisel
HPS627Hook & Pick Set

Auto Glass Removal Kit

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