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Our 4-hour interactive camp is a comprehensive program that is geared towards young learners but aims to equip students of all ages with essential automotive skills.


Our program covers various topics, including how to change a tire, check fluid levels, use jumper cables, and much more. Through our hands-on training approach, participants will learn not only the theoretical knowledge of these skills but also gain practical experience in a safe and controlled environment.


Our experienced instructors will guide participants step-by-step through each process, ensuring that they understand the importance of driving responsibly and handling common emergencies while having fun in the process. By completing our course, learners will feel more confident and empowered on the road, allowing them to become safer and more responsible drivers in the future.


It's never too late to learn!

Anyone above the age of 12 is welcome to enroll and expand their knowledge.


If any student below the age of 12 is interested in enrolling, please contact us.


The training session takes place at the Kaizen Glass Solutions Training Center located in Hutto, Texas.


If you're interested in volunteering or sponsoring a student for JumpStart CarCamp™, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at


All instructors/volunteers are required to pass a background check.



JumpStart CarCamp™

  • Our fun interactive course teaches skills at an early age so children will be better prepared to drive responsibly and in case of emergencies.

    What you learn:

    • Change a Tire
    • Jumper Cables
    • Check Fluid Levels
    • Indicator Lights
    • What to do in emergencies.

    What is included:

    • 4 hours of fun interactive hands-on training

    • Certificate of Completion

    • JumpStart CarCamp™ Swag

    • Snacks are included

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