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The Rolladeck Windshield Setting System provides a solid platform that works like a “stop” or “setting block” suspending the windshield above the urethane.  The windshield is able to easily glide into position above the urethane bead.


The Rolladeck Windshield Setting System Features:

  • It gives you a precise windshield set on over 95% of installations.
  • Works by guiding the windshield with rollers to exactly the desired position.
  • Plates are held in place on the vehicle wiper post.
  • Engineered aluminum parts should last a lifetime with proper use and maintenance.
  • Sealed ball bearings glide smoothly.
  • Made in the USA.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Roller plate
  • Slide plates
  • Color-coded aluminum baseplates adapters for specific vehicles
  • Tool bag
  • Hardware kit including Allen wrenches, bolts, adapters.
  • Product literature
  • Instructions

Rolladeck Windshield Setting System

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