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Truly Ergonomic Design

From the ground up, these cups were designed with technician comfort and trust in mind. Hundreds of hours of technician glass handling videos were analyzed to design the ideal lightweight, yet strong handle and months of testing were performed to refine the design.

Dual Angle Grips

Technicians all have their preferences when they hold glass. The SuperGrip Cups take the industry-standard vertical stick grip and added an angled grip option to allow for a plethora of cup positioning choices when handling different types of glass.

SuperGrip Diamond Overmolded TPU Grips

Your handling cups should function as an extension of your body. Building off the power tool industry’s trusted designs, our in-house engineering team inserted strategically-placed TPU grips into the vertical and angled handle sections. This solidifies the hand-to-cup connection regardless of the environmental conditions.

Custom Sticky Base Rubber

Going back to the drawing board, the base rubber for the SuperGrip suction cups was custom-designed to increase holding power and reduce the time needed to pump down to the glass. Molding with a glossy finish further increases the stickiness, preventing any movement once pumped down to the glass.

Bombproof Design, 3 Year Warranty

Backed by our Industry-leading 3-year Ironclad warranty, the SuperGrip cups are simply designed to perform. Borrowing from aerospace & structural engineering design principles, Truss load-distribution ribbing, FEA stress analysis, and extensive user testing were implemented to ensure these cups hold up in the harshest conditions.

SuperGrip™ 6 in Vacuum Cups

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