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Become an expert in glass repair! Learn how to fix windshield chips and cracks, remove auto glass scratches, and take your skills to the next level.

Enroll in our certified online courses or attend in-person and unlock your full potential.​


Online Training:
After your purchase of the online training course, we will send you a link so you can begin your training at your convenience.

The certification process usually takes about 3-5 hours. However, you can take a break at any point; your progress will be saved.


The course includes seven main sections:

1. An Introduction to Windshield Repair: why repair, understanding glass, common theories

2. Keys to Success

3. Understanding Your Equipment

4. Safety & Prep

5. The Repair Process

6. Troubleshooting Your Repair

7. Advanced Techniques

Whether you're an experienced pro or brand new to windshield repair, every tech will learn something from our online course.


If you are new to windshield repair, we highly recommend using a piece of scrap glass and practicing the techniques as you go through the certification process, as experience is the best teacher.


If you feel you need more in-depth practice, we also offer in-person training at our training center in Hutto, Texas.


If you encounter any technical issues, please feel free to contact us.


In-person Training:
After receiving your enrollment, we will arrange a day of in-person training at our facility that is convenient for both the student and the KGS Instructor.

The student(s) will need to purchase a GlasWeld Windshield Repair kit or already have one, which they should bring with them on the training day. Alternatively, we can have the kit ready for them on the day of the training.

The training session takes place at the Kaizen Glass Solutions Training Center located in Hutto, Texas.


Windshield Repair Training

PriceFrom $129.00
  • If you have enrolled in a Kaizen Glass Solutions training program but cannot attend, please see the policies below regarding cancellations, transferring registration to future training, and substitutions.


    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations are accepted in writing via email (contact information below).

    For a full refund, cancellations must be received 21 business days before the start date of the training. Cancellations received 14 business days before the training start date are entitled to a 50% refund. Cancellations received less than 7 business days before the start date are not entitled to a refund. This policy is due to the high level of customization involved in our training programs, which is based on the number of registered people and space limitations. If a program is canceled by Kaizen Glass Solutions, a full refund will be provided.


    When a refund is issued, the transaction fees will be deducted before the amount is returned to you.


    Transfer Policy

    Students may transfer a registration to another available training course date. Transfers are accepted in writing via email (contact information below).

    Transferred credit for future training is valid 12 months from the original registration date. There is no transfer fee for transfer requests made up to 15 business days before the training start date. Transfers can be made up to 14 business days prior for a fee of $200. If Kaizen Glass Solutions cancels a program, a transfer can be made for future training with no fee. Transfers cannot be made after the training has started.


    Substitution Policy

    Substitutions are accepted in writing via email (contact information is listed below) by providing the current registrant's and substitute's names. Substitutions may be made for no fee. However, substitutions cannot be made after the training has started.


    Days Prior to Training

    Cancellation Fee

    Transfer Fee

    Substitution Fee

    21 business days prior

    100% refund minus transaction fees

    $0; valid for 12 months


    14 business days prior

    50% refund minus transaction fees

    $200; valid for 12 months


    <7 business days prior

    No refund

    $500; valid for 12 months


    Health and Safety Cancellation Policy

    In-person training will be conducted in accordance with Texas' latest health and safety guidelines. If the training cannot be held in person, it will be postponed or, if possible, held online. Participants can choose to transfer the registration or cancel the registration for a refund by following Kaizen Glass Solutions' cancellation and transfer policy.


    Contact Us

    To request a cancellation, transfer, or substitution, contact Kaizen Glass Solutions at:


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