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The PowerPlunger™, is a replacement plunger designed for vacuum cups with a 1.38" (35mm) diameter plunger. 


This battery-powered plunger ensures constant automatic suction, powered by two rechargeable AA batteries that provide over 4 hours of continuous run time. When the battery runs low, easily recharge using the included USB-C charger, or switch to manual pumping mode.


The PowerPlunger™ features an auto sensor for automatic suction, offering enhanced safety by preventing loss of suction during use. Upgrade your vacuum cup experience with the PowerPlunger™ for reliable, efficient, secure performance every time!

Includes one plunger.


PowerPlunger™ - Replacement Vacuum Cup Battery-Powered Plunger

  • • Working Indicator Light (turns red when needs recharging)

    • 3.7V - 1200mAh

    • Professional manual or electric suction cup

    • Boasts a manual lifting capacity

    • BPTT Professional Warranty

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